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Skin Boosters Anti-Injectable Facials

Skin Boosters by Juliette Armand are results driven treatments designed to delay your appointment with facial injectable treatments. Using advanced ingredients & technologies such cosmetic drone technology to target specific cells within the skin.

Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy (Botox Effect 20’s, 30,s +) - €75.

Delay your appointment with Botox - Thavma meaning 'Miracle' in Greek uses cutting edge technology called EFFECTOX™ . This a cocktail of peptides and new generation active ingredients that slows down the mechanism that is responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. (Botox action - closest skincare ingredients to Botox) Treatment includes a Glycolic & Salicylic acid peel.

Perfect for people in 20's and 30's who are concerned about developing expression lines, use of homecare products and course is recommended for optimum results.

*please note this treatment is not suitable during pregnancy or for anyone with a nut or aspirin allergy.

Chronos ‘Time’ Therapy (Filler Effect - 40’s+) €90. 1h 30mins

Chronos meaning Time in Greek uses 4 Dimensional Technology to erase the marks that time leaves on our skin.

Suitable for 40's+ Chronos Therapy delays your filler appointment. This is one of our favorite facials at Aura. It is a beautiful relaxing long massage based facial with 2 separate masks with unbelievable instant results! 4D Technology includes, a peeling system, a hydra system, an anti-ageing system & an anti-oxidant system. The quality of the products used during this treatment, and by the client at home, allow us to reduce the depth of fine lines by 39%, stimulate collagen by 350% and increase hydration by 146%. Highly recommended for anyone concerned with wrinkles and volume loss - gold standard facial.

Opsis Eye Therapy (Inc mini facial) €65. 50min

Delay your appointment with Blepharoplasty.  Opsis Eye Therapy use Eye Antitox Technology which is a powerful cocktail of antioxidants and active ingredients that specialize in addressing the issues and sensitivity of the eye contour.  With Cosmetic Drone Technology with targets specific cells within the skin, Opsis (meaning open) is a firming eye contour treatment that smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines, brightens and reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Juliette Armand Elements Facials

Juliette Armand Elements Facials are specialized facials with highly effective cosmeceutical products, specific to your skin concerns/mood. All facials include extractions using sonophoresis if required.

Express Oxygen Glow Facial €45. 30min

Express facial that delivers topical oxygen and L-ascorbic acid for offering toning, freshness and liveliness in less than 30minutes ! The perfect ‘lunch time’ facial to brighten dull skin and give a fast ‘pick me up’ before an event. Treatment includes Glow Peel, Pure Vitamin C Infusion and Oxygenating Mask.

Elements Customised Therapy (hydrating/calming/purifying) €60. 1h

Luxury bespoke and specialized facial to suit your skins mood and specific concerns.  Dry/sensitive/oily/normal skins. Treatment will be tailored to your needs and includes - Deep cleanse and exfoliation/peel, serum infusion, mask, massage and aftercare. LED add on recommended to maximize results of all facials.

Elements Bespoke Therapy €90

90 Minute Bespoke Specialised Facial using JA Elements Line. Can be booked for any skin type/concern, Treatment will include Cleanse, Peel/Suitable Exfoliation, Extractions, Active Serum Infusion, 2x Treatment Masks, Massge. Completley bespoke & tailored to your skin.

Ceramide Therapy €75. 1h 15min

Not everything broken can be fixed - lucky enough we have Ceremide Therapy. A treatment for damaged skin barriers and skin in need of repair. Ceramides help the skin protect against environmental aggressors, without the proper ratio of ceramides in our skin, the skins barrier can become compromised, leading to sensitization, dryness, itching and irritation. This can be caused by a number of factors including environmental conditions and incorrect use of active skin products causing damage to the skin's acid mantle. This facial repairs, restores & recovers the skin.

Brightening Therapy €75. 1h 15min

Whitening treatment for hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, blotches and acne skin injury. Products used inhibit he enzyme tyrosinase which is responsible for skin coloring.  This is an extremely effective treatment in combating skin hyper pigmentation and melasma.

Retinoid Therapy €75. 1h 15min

Retinoid HPR - A Repairing, anti-oxidant and revolutionary new form of Vitamin A that does it all. Recommended for aging and sun damaged skins, it protects against the action of free radicals, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. It improves skins roughness and flaws and delivers bright

Esthemax HydroJelly Facials
Esthemax HydroJelly Masks are luxurious 100% organic hydrogel masks which provide long lasting hydration, containing active ingredients such as: organic wholegrain oat flour, organic white rice flour, electrolytes and algae.

Egyptian Rose & Quartz Massage Facial 1h €75

A Luxury Facial - Eyptian Rose HydroJelly moisturizes, illuminates and protects the skin from dehydration and pollution. Containing eight different types of rose petals, rich in vitamin C, which give it a depigmenting action.Suitable for all Skin Types - Relax and unwind with Crystal Therapy and a lymphatic drainage Rose Quartz Roller Facial Massage over the beautiful scent of Eygtian Rose Petals, revealing illumated, hydrated, glowing skin.

Hyaluronic Hydration LED Facial 1h €75

An intensive moisturising HydroJelly Treatment. Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the skin, improving its lipid balance that restores water volume, significantly reducing the signs of skin ageing. Combined with clinically proven LED Therapy for the ultimate results, you will leave with plump, glowing, intensely hydrated skin.

Blue LED & ALA Acne Facial 1h €75

The Perfect Luxury Treatment for congested skin. Consisting of a Deep Cleanse & Purification Peel (plus extractions) before Esthemax ALA HydroJelly underneath Blue LED Light. ALA - A Photosensitizing therapy, in combination with eucalyptus extract, treats acne as a pathology effectively, whilst being bactericidal, bacteriostatic,antifungal,and antiseptic.When this HydroJelly is used with blue LED light, it activates the function of the aminolevulinic acid (ALA).

Facial Add-on Options

Add on LED Light Therapy €20. 20min

Add on Dermatherm RF Skin Tightening / Non-Surigical FaceLift €65 45min

Add on Half Face - Dermatherm RF €40 20min

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