Dermatherm Radio Frequency

Dermatherm Radio Frequency

Skin Tightening & Lifting

Dermatherm RF uses Multipolar RF, Polychromatic Light & Vacumn Suction to Lift, Plump & Tighten the Skin. It's a non-surgical way of skin lifting&tightening with no downtime.

We recomended a course but you will see immediate results from your 1st treatment.

Dermatherm RF Non-Surigcal Facelift, €90. 50min

Radio Frequency is an FDA proven technology which is one of the fastest, most effective & extremly safe ways to tighten the skin whilst lifting, plumping & re-countouring the face. This results in plumper firmer skin which noticable reduces fine line and wrinkles. It also boosts oxygen levels in the skin will result in brightening dull skin.

RF is a sound wave which increases collagen production in the skin by heating the skin to 39 degress, this tricks the skin to think there is trauma, which initiates the healing cascade-resulting in long term collagen production. It also instantly tighten elastin fibres.

A relaxing treatment which feels similar to a hot stone massage, it is suitable for all skin types (except rosacea), all ages , for those experiencing loss of firmness and dullness in the skin, eye ageing- dark circles/crows feet, double chins and sagging jowls, loose neck skin.

If you have been thinking of injectable treatments, a course of RF will stop you from needing them.

DDermatherm RF Non-Surgical FaceLift - Deluxe, €125. 1h 15min

Includes Advanced Peel & Sheet / JellyMask

Dermatherm RF Half Face €60. 30min

Neck, chin and jawline, great for lifting lower part of faces, jowls and tightening a double chin, great option for someone who isn’t suitable for dermatherm on full face due to reasons like rosacea on cheeks or actively having botox treatments on forehead and eyes.

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Before and After 1 Treatment
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Dermatherm RF Tummy €60. 40min

For Body Treatments, along with all its amazing skin tightening, lifting and collagen producing effects, Radio Frequency increases the metabolism of unwanted fat cells and the reduction of cellulite. It increases cellular renewal leading to the reduction of stretch marks while improving the overall health of the skin.

It treats a whole host of body concerns including:
Mummy Tummy,

Stretch Marks,

Bingo Wings (Arms),

Inner & Outer Thighs,

Loose Skin & Cellulite,

Post Weight Loss,

Wrinkly Knees,

Buttock Lift,

Back Fat,

Ageing Hands.

Dermatherm RF Arms



Dermatherm RF Legs & Bum



Dermatherm Radio Frequency where suitable can be added to your Micro-Needling and Facial Treatments for the ultimate collagen production and skin regeneration results. Courses are designed bespoke to each clients needs and suitability.

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