Hair Removal

Facial Threading and Body Waxing

Facial Threading

Gentle facial threading for minimal discomfort or irritation to skin.

Brow Thread €10
Lip Thread €10

Chin Thread €10

Lip & Chin Thread €15

Sides of Face Thread €10

Full Face Thread €35

Brows, Lip & Chin, Sides of Face and Neck

Body Waxing

All of our waxing is done using Cirepil by Perron Riggot, a gold standard wax. Cirepil Forella is our strip wax for legs and arms. All other areas we use Cirepil Euroblonde non strip wax for minimal discomfort or irritation to the skin

Underarm Wax €15

Brazilian / Hollywood €45

Fast waxing using gold standard Cirepil by Perron Rigot 

Brazilian - everything removed underneath  and on top apart from ‘landing strip’ on top

Hollywood - everything removed 

Extended Bikini/Californian Wax €25

Californian - all removed on top and tidied underneath.

Extended - more removed than standard bikini which is just outside the underwear lines 

Bikini Wax - Standard €15

Standard bikini - hair removed outside underwear line

Full Leg Wax €30

Full leg wax - bikini not include please add on it required (5euro discount will be applied to bikini wax)

Half Leg Wax €20

Lower or upper leg

Full Arm Wax €25

Lower Arm Wax €15

From wrist to elbow 

Male Back Wax €40

Includes shoulders

Male Back, Shoulder and Chest Wax €60

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